I feel SO blessed.

If you told me 3 years ago that starting a blog and posting about my experiences would open up so many doors, I wouldn’t have believed you. I made this blog with the intention of telling my own personal stories to people and sharing my experiences with things I struggled with. I have done that, and so much more. Through my blog, I have had the chance to work with AMAZING companies and promote brands that I love and enjoy. I just feel so blessed and honored that I am able to have these incredible opportunities, all because I believed in myself.

The purpose of this post is to announce that I was just given the opportunity to travel to Mexico and do promotional work for an up and coming travel company. Like……WHAT?! I truly cannot believe it. Always follow your heart and put God first and I promise you, so many doors will open up. I am so grateful to be able to go on this journey with you guys supporting me every step of the way. This is only the beginning ❤

Mar th

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  1. Uncle Dee says:

    Amari your life is designed for greatness & everything you set your heart to do will prosper. Your parents have give you all the tools needed for success. Now as we along with the world watch…. “Slay every day with God as your Captain!!

    Love Uncle Detavia

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  2. Detavia says:

    Amari your life was designed for greatness & as you journey through life, always remember the tools your parents have planted into you. Use them wisely & as often as necessary. Now as we, along with the world watch as you soar with God as your captain, will continue celebrate you.

    Love Uncle Detavia


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