College Advice: First Year

This time last year I remember being super stressed out thinking about college and moving over 4 hours away from home. I had many sleepless nights and my google history was filled with questions like: “What do I bring to college?” “Are college dorms really that bad?” and “How to avoid the freshman fifteen”. I was PARANOID! Needless to say, I survived my first year of college…and I want to give you my 100% honest advice an how you can survive it too.

  1. Get Involved- I know I know….you’re probably burned out from hearing that. But honestly getting involved is the key to leaving your mark on campus and the easiest way to make friends!
  2. Search your professors BEFORE you sign up for a class- Just keeping it 100, some professors are jerks. Some professors will seriously make the easiest class SO stressful. So, before you sign up for any class, log on to Google and research that professor. Read reviews from other students. My favorite site to use for this is Koofers.
  3. Finish your work early- I loveeee having my “me” time and sometimes in college your workload can get overwhelming. Try to finish your work as early as possible so you can have time to do the things you actually want to be doing.
  4. Email your professors- If you make the effort to reach out and talk to them about your grades, sometimes they’ll round your 86 to a 90! Some professors are jerks, but  most of them want to see you succeed.
  5. Stay away from 8 AMs- If you know me then you are aware that I am not a morning person in the slightest. My brain doesn’t even function before 9:30. So I didn’t even think about signing up for an 8 AM! However, some of my friends did. Their advice was that even if you think you can handle an 8 AM, don’t do it. Period.
  6. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle- The Freshman 15 isn’t a myth.. Its real. To avoid it, just try to make healthy food choices and drink a lot of water. Also, if your school has a large campus, just walk places instead of driving! Little things like that will keep you healthy. Invest in some good vitamins and take some Emergen-C during flu season and you should be fine.
  7. Keep your eye on the prize- There’s a lot of potential distractions in college, but I believe everything is okay in moderation. You can go out and have a good time, but just make sure you are handling your business as well. Tuition is too expensive to be not focusing on your studies.

If you are going out of state….

8. Call home as much as you can- I am in direct communication with my parents several times a day when I’m at school. Being so far away from home can be a challenge, but hearing your parents voice can give you the push you need to keep going.

9. Set dates that you are going to see your family- Set specific dates that you will be able to see your family so that way you have something to look forward to! You know the next time you’ll see them.

10. It’s okay to get homesick- The first couple of weeks that I was away, all I wanted to do was come home. I missed my bed, I missed home cooked meals, I missed the safe haven of my home. It’s okay to feel homesick and to miss your fam. The only advice I can give on this is to not dwell in your own sadness, and know that you are in college for a reason! Handle your business and do what you need to so that leaving home won’t be in vain.

I hope that at least one of these pieces of advice help someone! If you have your own advice that you would be willing to share, leave it in the comments below! I’d love to hear it and I’m sure others would as well.

As always,


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