How I relax after a long day

It seems like the older I get, the more stressful life becomes! When the going gets tough, it’s important to remember that self care is key.

Here are some ways that I de-stress and relax after a long day!

1. Face Masks

Anyone who has known me for a while knows that every Monday, I participate in “Mask Monday” religiously! You can buy them for cheap at Walmart and it detoxifies your skin and relaxes you almost instantly!

2. Aromatherapy

I love aromatherapy! I have a diffuser and I put essential oil scents like lavender and chamomile in it for when I get stressed out. You’d be amazed how much it works. Besides a diffuser, you can get many candles that have relaxing scents!

3. Hot showers

A hot shower can relive tension in your muscles and just clear your head after a long day. Also, invest in a shower speaker so that you can listen to music! I promise I always feel 10 times better after a hot shower at the end of the day!

4. Watching my favorite shows/YouTube videos

I have recently become obsessed with American Horror Story and because I am always so busy, I rarely have time to watch it. So, one of my favorite ways to unwind is by enjoying a couple episodes of my favorite shows or by catching up on all my YouTube subscriptions.

5. Venting

I feel like venting is by far the easiest way to de-stress yourself! You can either vent to your journal, a friend, or even yourself (talking to yourself is actually a sign of intelligence!). Once you get all of your thoughts out of your head, it is so much easier to relax.

Always remember, life is too short to stress. Find ways to decompress and center yourself and live your best life. I hope this helps! 




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  1. corianwyatt says:

    Excellent read Ms. Amari. Keep up the great work.

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